Hardwood Flooring and the Janka Hardness Scale in Spokane

Not all hardwood flooring is the same in quality and appearance. Some are naturally firmer and able to withstand more pressure than others. You can determine quality by referring to the wood’s Janka Hardness Scale.

What Is the Janka Hardness Scale?

The Janka Hardness Scale measures a hardwood’s ability to withstand scratches, dents and general wear and tear. The scale also refers to the wood’s ease of installation with respect to nailing, sawing and sanding. Birch, or paper birch to be more precise, has a 910 rating. Fir, or Douglas fir to be more specific, has a rating of 660. Floors on the lower end of the scale include poplar cottonwood and ceiba, which have ratings of 300 and 240, respectively. 

Going Beyond the Janka Hardness Scale

The Janka Hardness scale is reliable but shouldn’t be the sole barometer for your floor selection. First, it should be noted the scale only measures solid hardwood and doesn’t apply to engineered floorboards. Exact scale numbers may also vary slightly; suppliers may conduct their own tests and release their own scales.

Other factors that should go into your final decision include:

  • Finishing options like satin, matte, and gloss
  • Grain pattern
  • Pre-finished or site-finished
  • Home type; oak flooring, for example, may not be visually compatible for some contemporary home styles.
  • The type of existing subfloor, which can determine the compatibility of certain hardwood
  • The amount of daily foot traffic. Does your home contain young children and pets?

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