All About Tamarack Wood Flooring for Kalispell Homes & Businesses

tamarack wood flooring kalispellAre you considering tamarack wood flooring for your home or business in Kalispell? Tamarack is the densest softwood in North America and grows well in Canada. Its rot-resistance makes it ideal for outdoor use, but the handsome appearance makes it perfect for indoor flooring as well. Keep the following factors in mind as you weigh whether tamarack is right for you.


While tamarack can be stained, its natural color is beautiful. It has yellow-brown heartwood and whitish sapwood. While it often turns silver-grey when exposed to the elements, this won’t occur when used indoors.


Tamarack has a coarse texture and a spiral grain. Leaving it natural or using a light stain will allow these features to shine through best.


Additionally, tamarack is quite durable. The material is highly resistant to bending and compression. It’s also resistant to rot and doesn’t require chemical treatment. Because it’s so durable and also waterproof, it’s quite often used in boatbuilding and for outdoor projects like fencing. That said, it’s ideally suited for the production of wood flooring.

Interested in Tamarack Wood Flooring for Your Home or Business in Kalispell?

Are you interested in purchasing tamarack wood flooring for your home or business in Kalispell? Contact a representative at Smiley Wood Flooring in Metaline. We’ll discuss options for your upcoming project. We offer a wide variety of high-quality flooring materials, including tamarack, fir and birch. Our highly-trained specialists have a reputation for providing expert advice and unbeatable customer service. As industry leaders with 30 years’ experience, we have the knowledge and skills to meet your wood flooring needs. 

Tamarack Wood Flooring Sales & Service for Kalispell Homes & Businesses

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