Little-Known Wood Floor Maintenance Hacks for Yakima Home & Business Owners

wood floor maintenance hacks YakimaWood flooring has its own set of care guidelines, much like carpets and tile. Unbeknownst to most homeowners, there are some simple wood floor maintenance hacks that preserve the surface texture. These hacks work on all wood types, including birch and tamarack

Restore Dents with an Iron

Wood is susceptible to dents. Drop anything heavy on the floor, and it’ll leave an indentation. Did you know you can smooth out these dents by running an iron over it? Place a moist cloth over the dent and iron over it the way you would a shirt.

Put Socks on Your Furniture

Are you moving furniture over the wood floor? Put socks over the furniture legs the way you would over your feet. This way, you can freely drag the furniture without causing a scratch. If you’re in doubt a single sock can prevent a scratch, use two or more socks per leg.

Toothpaste Does the Trick

Toothpaste isn’t just for cleaning your molars. This is actually an effective cleaner for removing common stains from wood surfaces. It works great for scuffs and markers. Just put a dab of toothpaste on a cloth and lightly scrub. If light scratches are present, rub some canola oil over the scratches to minimize their visibility.

Natural Cleaning Solution

Many store-bought cleaners contain additives and harsh chemicals. If you’re seeking a homemade solution, consider black tea. Brew a pot of the beverage and use a spray bottle. It works wonders! However, we do suggest a spot test first in a not-so-conspicuous area. 

Give These Wood Floor Maintenance Hacks a Try in Yakima

Older floors with clearly visible damage may need to be replaced. Contact us at Smiley Wood Flooring for special offers on high-quality wood flooring. These wood floor maintenance hacks, though, may offset some premature damage.

Down-Home Wood Floor Maintenance Hacks in Yakima

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