How to Prepare Your Home Before the Hardwood Floor Installer Arrives in Lewiston


After you’ve selected your new hardwood flooring and scheduled your hardwood floor installer, there are just a few things left to do before the pro takes over. With proper preparation, the installer can work more efficiently and with greater accuracy to get beautiful results that will last for years to come.

Clear the Room of Furniture & Breakables

Take all furniture out of the room your installer will be working in. Installing floors while moving furniture around from the incomplete area to the complete area can affect the overall success of your project. Removing breakables and personal items keeps them from getting accidentally knocked around and broken.

Remove Potential Interruptions

Allow your installer to work without distraction. Ensure that pets are secured away from the work area to prevent them from interrupting the process and being exposed to potential harm. Keep curious kids out of the area for their safety, too.

Clean the Subfloor

A good subfloor helps make a good floor possible. Do your best to clean the subfloor of debris and dust so the planks can lay flush against it. A stiff-bristled broom and vacuum work well; avoid mopping with water because any moisture in the subflooring could affect the hardwood placed on it.

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