Great Tips for Cleaning Wood Floors in Kennewick

cleaning wood Floors kennewickOnce you have new beautiful wood floors in your home, you’ll want to take good care of them. Not only will it keep your home looking great, but you’ll also reduce dust and allergens that can affect indoor air quality. Cleaning wood floors is a quick and simple household task when you use these tips.

First, Pick Up Loose Dirt

Small particles can leave scratches on your birch floors, so use a broom with soft bristles or a vacuum cleaner with soft brushes daily to clear them away. This also removes tiny debris that could just get pushed around when you get to the next step, mopping.

Second, Mop with Gentle Soap and Water

Mopping picks up the household dust, dirt and grime that sweeping and vacuuming leave behind. Use a cleanser that’s designed to go easy on tamarack (larch) floors while still being effective. While vinegar and baking soda were recommended at one time, today’s wood floor finishes don’t typically need them.

Third, Use These Expert Tips

Work a small area to avoid leaving too much standing water on the fir floor at any one time. Stick with a damp mop instead of one sopping with water to avoid saturating your floor and allowing moisture to seep between the cut boards.

Cleaning Wood Floors is Easy When Your Kennewick Home Features Quality Hardwoods

When Smiley Wood Floors manufactures your home’s new hardwood floors, you can be assured that your installer will achieve precision placement that your broom and mop head will glide over. Our North American milled woods deliver the glow that only genuine hardwood can provide, and we ship nationwide. If you’re thinking about custom flooring, we can show you that cleaning wood floors with ease is just one of the many reasons homeowners choose them, so contact us today!

Simple Steps for Cleaning Wood Floors in Your Kennewick Home

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The Importance of Hardwood Floor Acclimation in Wenatchee

Hardwood-Floor-Acclimation-WenatcheeYour wood flooring should be acclimated to your region’s general climate. Not doing so may lead to premature damage. Learn the basics of hardwood floor acclimation and why it matters, especially if you live in an area prone to rapid temperature fluctuations.

Why it Matters

Depending on the air in your home, the hardwood floor may be losing or gaining moisture. This can lead to the planks warping, cupping or swelling, which is why acclimation is so important when installing wood floors. The acclimation process generally takes about three days from the completion of installation.

How to Check the Floors for Acclimation

Once the installation is finished, have the contractor check the floor’s moisture content. You can also check this yourself using a moisture meter, available at your local hardware store. The ideal moisture variations depend on the floor’s dimensions and cut-style. As a rule of thumb, the moisture difference between the floor and subfloor should be less than 2% for planks wider than 3-inches. It should be less than 4% for planks less than 3-inches in width.

Pre-Installation Acclimation

If the contractor stores the floor panels on site overnight, be sure they’re stored indoors. Ask the contractor to move them inside the home and not in the yard or patio. Keep the temperature in your home within normal living conditions. 

It’s also best to keep the panels inside their boxes until the contractor is ready to install them. Keep both ends of the boxes opened for ample air circulation. This applies for all flooring styles, including the common fir and birch, as well as solid wood and laminated floors.

We Provide Various Flooring Styles

All wood floor panels should be properly acclimated prior to and after installation. Contact the flooring pros at Smiley Wood Flooring for more information about acclimation and with all your hardwood flooring questions. 

Hardwood Floor Acclimation & Installation Experts Serving Wenatchee

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Best Qualities to Look for in a Wood Floor Manufacturer Near Spokane

wood floor manufacturer spokaneThere’s no denying the beauty and functionality of wood floors in a home. Not only do they look amazing for decades, but they’re also easy to keep clean. So it only makes sense that you would choose the best quality wood floors you can find. Here’s what to look for in a wood floor manufacturer to ensure you’re getting flooring you can rely on.


When a manufacturer can offer you multiple wood types and cut styles to choose from, you have the opportunity to select the options that work best for your design aesthetic. Common options include quarter-sawn, circle-sawn and schoolhouse cuts on birch, larch and fir.

Good Stewardship

A manufacturer that is dedicated to using North American wood sustainably stands out. That company delivers the hardwood floors customers want while also protecting the natural resources that ensure the continued availability of high-quality flooring.

Efficient Shipping

A manufacturer who works directly with consumers, contractors and construction companies needs to be able to move wood flooring from their mill to their customers. A robust and reliable shipping system ensures you have the building materials you need on your schedule.

Are You Looking for a Wood Floor Manufacturer Near Spokane?

Smiley Wood Flooring harvests regional timber for precision milling to give you the best-laid floors. We have decades of experience delivering top-quality unfinished wood flooring for all of your residential and commercial needs. Whether you’re working on a renovation project or new construction, we have the capability of delivering custom work, too. Contact us today and learn why we are the wood floor manufacturer you can count on.

Precision Wood Floor Manufacturer Near Spokane

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Hardwood vs Softwood Flooring for Missoula Homes

Hardwood vs Softwood Flooring MissoulaThe term hardwood tends to be used widely to describe all floor types made from wood or laminate wood. Some wooden panels, though, are classified as softwood. We’ll explain the differences between hardwood vs softwood flooring.

Hardwood vs Softwood 

Hardwood refers to any wooden floors derived from deciduous trees. These are trees that lose their leaves in fall before regaining them in spring. Softwood floors mostly consist of wood from evergreen and conifer trees, which don’t shed their leaves.

Common Hardwood Floors

Popular flooring options include maple, birch, oak, and beech. Fir, despite being a conifer tree, does lose its leaves and drop its pine needles annually. It’s therefore a deciduous tree and considered a hardwood. Hardwood is a great option for floors in high traffic areas, such as the living room and kitchen. It’s more resistant to dents, scratches, and scuffs. This is thanks to the wood’s denser cellular structure. 

Common Softwood Floors

Softwood floors are typically softer and less dense than hardwood, but not to the degree that they’re unsuitable for home use. They’re recommended as a decorative element for areas with less traffic, such as the guest room. Typical softwood flooring options include cedar and pine. These options are typically cheaper than hardwood. It’s also a more sustainable option as evergreen trees grow at a quicker rate than hardwood trees.

Which Is Better?

Both options have their respective pros and cons. Generally, we recommend hardwood as the better overall option for its longevity and durability. You’ll pay a little more, but it’s worth the investment in our opinion.

We Provide a Multitude of Flooring Options for Missoula Home and Business Owners

We’re a major supplier of various wood floors offered in a variety of cut-styles. Contact Smiley Wood Flooring if you’re ready for a major home renovation. We provide different hardwood and softwood flooring variants.

Experts in Hardwood vs Softwood Flooring Options near Missoula

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Little-Known Wood Floor Maintenance Hacks for Yakima Home & Business Owners

wood floor maintenance hacks YakimaWood flooring has its own set of care guidelines, much like carpets and tile. Unbeknownst to most homeowners, there are some simple wood floor maintenance hacks that preserve the surface texture. These hacks work on all wood types, including birch and tamarack

Restore Dents with an Iron

Wood is susceptible to dents. Drop anything heavy on the floor, and it’ll leave an indentation. Did you know you can smooth out these dents by running an iron over it? Place a moist cloth over the dent and iron over it the way you would a shirt.

Put Socks on Your Furniture

Are you moving furniture over the wood floor? Put socks over the furniture legs the way you would over your feet. This way, you can freely drag the furniture without causing a scratch. If you’re in doubt a single sock can prevent a scratch, use two or more socks per leg.

Toothpaste Does the Trick

Toothpaste isn’t just for cleaning your molars. This is actually an effective cleaner for removing common stains from wood surfaces. It works great for scuffs and markers. Just put a dab of toothpaste on a cloth and lightly scrub. If light scratches are present, rub some canola oil over the scratches to minimize their visibility.

Natural Cleaning Solution

Many store-bought cleaners contain additives and harsh chemicals. If you’re seeking a homemade solution, consider black tea. Brew a pot of the beverage and use a spray bottle. It works wonders! However, we do suggest a spot test first in a not-so-conspicuous area. 

Give These Wood Floor Maintenance Hacks a Try in Yakima

Older floors with clearly visible damage may need to be replaced. Contact us at Smiley Wood Flooring for special offers on high-quality wood flooring. These wood floor maintenance hacks, though, may offset some premature damage.

Down-Home Wood Floor Maintenance Hacks in Yakima

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Advantages of Fir Wood Flooring for Helena Homes & Businesses

fir wood flooring advantages helenaAre you considering the many fir wood flooring advantages for your home or business in Helena? Whatever your project specifications, there are numerous types of flooring material available, and you need to weigh your options carefully before making a final installation decision. Fir is a top choice, but it isn’t the best solution for everyone. Keep the following benefits in mind as you decide whether it’s the right flooring solution for your project.


When dried properly, fir wood flooring is known to be extremely stable, resisting checking and twisting. Even with constant exposure to heat and moisture, you can expect these floors to retain smoothness and stability.  


Another benefit of fir wood flooring is its lovely appearance; it’s known for providing remarkable uniformity. Ideal for both rustic and modern projects, fir has an orange coloration and has strikingly straight grain.


Douglas Fir trees grow to unusually tall heights.  This quality offers builders and wood flooring manufacturers a unique opportunity to utilize longer-than-average boards. This is ideal for individuals who prefer fewer but longer boards for their projects.  

Want to Learn More About Fir Wood Flooring Advantages in Helena?

Now that you know so many home and business owners prefer this material, speak with a professional about your upcoming project. Smiley Wood Flooring in Metaline has representatives available to discuss options right now. We offer a wide variety of high quality flooring materials, including tamarack, fir and birch. With a variety of cut styles, our specialists are here to serve you. We have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, so you know we have the ability to meet all your wood flooring needs. Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

The Many Fir Wood Flooring Advantages for Your Helena Flooring Project 

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Child-Friendly Wood Flooring for Kennewick Homes

child-friendly wood flooring kennewickThe advantages of wood flooring panels go beyond their visual charm. They’re also durable and ideal for households with multiple kids. Child-friendly wood flooring is the way to go for residences with young ones. 

Wood Flooring Disguises Dirt

Light-colored wood minimizes the appearance of smudged dirt. This seems counter-intuitive since dark colors are thought to be best for masking stains. However, the grain of light-textured wood like oak and cherry actually does a better job at concealing dirt.

Hardwood Is Easier to Maintain than Carpet

With kids running around, carpet is bound to get dirty. The same goes for wood floors, but the surface is much easier to clean. Sweeping and mopping is much easier than vacuuming and steam cleaning. Carpet maintenance, in fact, often requires an expensive professional cleaning every year, especially when you have children. 

Hardwood Is Durable

Not all wood floor panels are created equal; some hold up better than others. Panels like fir and birch hold up to the daily traffic of busy, active children. The flooring resists dents and scratches from toys dropping and tiny wheels running over the surface. Regardless of cut style, most panels are rated to withstand a high volume of physical impact and pressure.

Hardwood Floors Are Healthier than Carpet

A stained carpet is also riddled with bacteria and probably mold trapped beneath the fibers. This factor makes it easier for children and adults to get sick. It’s a lot easier to remove toxins and allergens on a flat hard surface like hardwood.

We Provide Child-Friendly Wood Flooring for Kennewick

Flooring is a major component in home renovations. High-quality hardwood is designed for rough traffic use day after day. Smiley Wood Flooring is a top provider of child-friendly wood flooring for Kennewick households; contact us today to learn more..

Child-Friendly Wood Flooring for Your Family in Kennewick

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All About Tamarack Wood Flooring for Kalispell Homes & Businesses

tamarack wood flooring kalispellAre you considering tamarack wood flooring for your home or business in Kalispell? Tamarack is the densest softwood in North America and grows well in Canada. Its rot-resistance makes it ideal for outdoor use, but the handsome appearance makes it perfect for indoor flooring as well. Keep the following factors in mind as you weigh whether tamarack is right for you.


While tamarack can be stained, its natural color is beautiful. It has yellow-brown heartwood and whitish sapwood. While it often turns silver-grey when exposed to the elements, this won’t occur when used indoors.


Tamarack has a coarse texture and a spiral grain. Leaving it natural or using a light stain will allow these features to shine through best.


Additionally, tamarack is quite durable. The material is highly resistant to bending and compression. It’s also resistant to rot and doesn’t require chemical treatment. Because it’s so durable and also waterproof, it’s quite often used in boatbuilding and for outdoor projects like fencing. That said, it’s ideally suited for the production of wood flooring.

Interested in Tamarack Wood Flooring for Your Home or Business in Kalispell?

Are you interested in purchasing tamarack wood flooring for your home or business in Kalispell? Contact a representative at Smiley Wood Flooring in Metaline. We’ll discuss options for your upcoming project. We offer a wide variety of high-quality flooring materials, including tamarack, fir and birch. Our highly-trained specialists have a reputation for providing expert advice and unbeatable customer service. As industry leaders with 30 years’ experience, we have the knowledge and skills to meet your wood flooring needs. 

Tamarack Wood Flooring Sales & Service for Kalispell Homes & Businesses

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Wood Flooring Installation Preparation Tips for Lewiston Homeowners

wood flooring installation lewiston Some of the most popular wood flooring materials include natural larch, fir and birch. No matter what type of flooring you’re interested in, preparing for the upcoming installation ahead of time can save you both time and money. Here are some tips that will impact the project’s timeframe and your budget. Keep these wood flooring installation tips in mind as you prepare.

Measure the Room

Measure the width and length of the room and multiply that number to determine the room’s square footage. When ordering hardwood flooring, always order an additional 10-15 percent extra for waste and cutting out irregular boards.

Prepare the Floor

If the area the hardwood will be going is carpeted, remove the carpet yourself. Cut the carpet into four sections of 36-in. strips. This makes it easy to roll the carpet into manageable strips and carry to it to the trash. Remove all of the carpet tack strip and clean the floor thoroughly before the installer arrives.

Get Your Home Ready

Make sure there’s a place for the delivery when your flooring arrives. The wood will probably need to acclimate to your home for several days before the work can begin.

Looking for Wood Flooring Installation near Lewiston?

When you’re ready for wood flooring installation in Lewiston, you can count on the pros at Smiley Wood Flooring in Metaline for high quality flooring products. We offer a wide variety of superior materials, including tamarack, fir and birch. In addition to top-notch flooring solutions, our highly-trained specialists can provide expert advice and unbeatable customer service. As industry leaders with 30 years’ experience we have the knowledge and skills to meet your wood flooring needs. Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Wood Flooring Installation Experts Serving Lewiston

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How to Budget for Wood Flooring in Wenatchee

wood flooring wenatcheeWhen you’re looking for a high-quality wood flooring manufacturer for your Wenatchee home or business, the first step is establishing a budget. This can be hard, especially if you’ve never made a purchase like this before. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make this step easier. 

Research Average Pricing

Spend some time researching the average cost of both purchasing and installing the material you’re interested in. Whether you want larch, fir or birch floors, knowing the average price in your area will give you a good starting point for your budget. It’ll also help you spot estimates that are too high. Also keep in mind the variety of cut styles offered. The cut you choose greatly impacts the overall aesthetic of your floors, and these costs also vary.

Request Multiple Quotes

After you’ve researched online, get quotes from more than one company. They may offer discounts that aren’t shown on their websites. Get the quote in writing before moving forward with the purchase. 

Consider Options Holistically

Don’t choose a wood flooring manufacturer based solely on the quote. While the cost of materials is absolutely important, it isn’t the only factor that matters. Pay close attention to the company’s history, worker experience and reviews. Find a combination of these that suits your standards and budget.

Looking for a Wood Flooring Manufacturer Serving Wenatchee?

Are you looking for an affordable wood flooring manufacturer near Wenatchee? Once you’ve established a budget, contact us at Smiley Wood Flooring in Metaline to request a quote. You can have full confidence in our prompt and reliable service. After 30 years in the industry, we have the skills and equipment we need to meet your wood flooring needs.

Experienced, Recommended Wood Flooring Manufacturer Serving Wenatchee

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