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Tamarack (Larch) Wood FlooringServing homeowners and commercial contractors around Spokane and throughout North America, Smiley Wood Flooring offers beautiful, unfinished tamarack (larch) wood flooring in a variety of cut types to meet your unique project needs. Larch is the hardest of the softwoods found in the northwestern United States, with coloration from russet to reddish-brown and a variety of grain patterns. Extremely strong, all of our larch, fir and birch flooring products are kiln-dried to 6 – 8% moisture content, then back-relieved and end-matched.

Mill Standard Grade Tamarack (Larch) Wood Flooring

An excellent value, our most popular mill standard grade tamarack (larch) wood flooring displays a high level of character with a high degree of grain color contrast. Our high-quality manufacturing leaves no split ends, loose knots, large knotholes or other defects that are common from many other manufacturers.

  • Unfinished mill standard tamarack (larch), 4” wide – $3.90 sq ft
  • Unfinished mill standard tamarack (larch), 6“ wide – $4.20 sq ft

*4” width larch lumber is always in stock, and 6” width is made to order.

Unfinished Circle-Sawn Tamarack (Larch)

Our genuine circle-sawn texture provides a vintage homesteader look for your floors, and is perfect for log cabin and timber frame style homes. The grain character of the wood is enhanced by the circle-sawn texture, and minimal maintenance is required.

  • Unfinished circle-sawn tamarack (larch) 4” wide – $4.00 sq ft
  • Unfinished circle-sawn tamarack (larch) 6” wide – $4.35 sq ft

School House Quarter-Sawn Tamarack (Larch)

Our genuine quarter-sawn, vertical-grain tamarack (larch) wood flooring is more durable, stable and uniform in color than regular-sawn flooring. With less shrinkage and expansion over time, it’s available in random 2 1/4”, 3”, and 4” widths but can be ordered in a single width, as well.

  • Schoolhouse quarter-sawn tamarack (larch) 2 1/4”, 3” and 4” wide mixed-width – $4.25 sq ft

Trim and Stair Parts

Tamarack (Larch) Wood FlooringWe also manufacture stair treads and parts, trim boards and cabinet lumber to match your flooring order, and shipping is available on most orders. Contact us today for product details and pricing information.

Affordable, High-Quality Tamarack (Larch) Wood Flooring

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